North Hastings Community Centre


103 Newkirk Blvd

Bancroft, ON

K0L 1C0


Face coverings or masks must be worn by all persons entering and leaving the facility and 2 meters separation from others at all time.

Face coverings or masks can be taken off once your helmet is put on in the arena. Any participant on the ice/bench who is not wearing a helmet must wear a mask.


GMHL Health Screening Questionnaire/Self Assessments must be completed prior to entering the arena.


Visiting teams please fill your water bottles prior to entering arena.


Visiting teams are to enter and exit through the main entrance.


Visiting teams may enter the arena 30 minutes prior to warm up and must exit the arena within 35 minutes of the end of the game.


Showers, toilets and sinks in dressing rooms will not be available for participants until further notice. Washrooms for participants and spectators are located in the lobby area only.


Dressing Rooms #1, #2 and #3 are available for the visiting team. Maximum occupancy is 8 people per dressing room and each person must always be 2 meters apart to maintain physical distancing.


Players must not spit, blow their nose freely or release any bodily fluid anywhere in the facility. Player(s) not following this rule will be asked to leave.